I have been with Ned for 5 years and he has tought me from beginner level up to where I am today! Relaxed, easy going and know what he is doing! Highly recommended

Rose Pearl Garston, Hertfordshire

Ned taught me guitar for 6 years and is an engaging teacher who makes guitar enjoyable to learn, giving students the initiative to learn what they want whilst having fun at the same time. Ned taught me more about music than anyone else ever will, and I have no hesitation to recommend Ned as a teacher.

Anthony Tryphonas Chorleywood, Hertfordshire

Ned's a great guitar teacher - patient, approachable and talented. I'm learning heaps and my confidence has really increased since I started lessons with him. He knows so much about music, music genres, music theory and brings this to his lessons - and the lessons are fun. He even manages to make scales interesting! It was a happy day that I called Ned and said, Can I book a lesson?


Ned is an incredibly efficient, knowledgeable and approachable teacher who has helped me develop my technique and understanding of playing the guitar tremendously thus far. I thoroughly enjoy our sessions and always leave with a good sense of direction as to how I may strengthen my playing ability. He is very patient, allowing me to learn at my own pace and he is also very encouraging. I would strongly recommend him.


I have had banjo lessons with Ned May for over two years. I started with no knowledge of how to play the instrument. In the last two years has taken me to level of playing proficiency which I never thought I would reach and which has given me great pleasure in playing the instrument.


I have been taking guitar lessons for the past year with Ned. I greatly enjoy the tuition, as I find Ned has a positive and motivating attitude toward learning. He provides encouragement, and shows his real talent as a musician honing on nuances and emphasis on learning songs rather than monotonous scales.

I would highly recommend him to other budding musicians.

Chet CKS Performance